Monday, September 29, 2008

New Perspective

This weekend I received a letter from a dear friend. Since I was out of town (more on that later) I didn't actually get it until Sunday. Before I go on, I need to explain something. I've been struggling quite a bit lately with school. The fact is, I hate law school. I hate is so much I fantasize about dropping out every day. The more I learn about the law and lawyers the more I understand why people hate them. I hate the compromise and the arguing, the superiority and egos, and the lack of civility and dignity. The more I learn the more I hate. In fact, I'm starting to hate myself.

Add to this ridiculous cycle the fact that in order to escape law school I've gotten myself WAY too involved with the student clubs and organizations. And it's all hitting the fan; for instance, last Thursday night I was QUADRUPLE booked - class, peer mentoring, mediation team meeting/training and arbitration team meeting/training. And after that I had to work til midnight. Plus, as always, money is crazy tight.

Then I got a letter in the mail. The contents of the letter humbled me - an amazing feat, to be sure. They also changed me. Granted, I still hate school, I'm still over-involved and money is still a concern. But the letter and its contents showed me just how much I'm loved and how much support I have. I guess we all need to be reminded exactly how good we have it and how many people are pulling for us, whether we see it or not.

So, thank you for your support, prayers, emails, blogs, laughs, phone calls, positive karma, well wishes and general good vibrations. I may never pay off my students loans, but I'm happy to know I'll also never overcome my debt of gratitude.