Sunday, July 6, 2008

My First Trip, Part Three - Blog 7

So, now that I have control of my blog again, let's continue with my trip...

After Mont St Michel we visited Omaha Beach. We stayed about three hours, including going through the Memorial Museum, the Cemetery and the beach itself.
Two things surprised me about seeing the Beach:

1- The beach we WIDE, i.e. it was easily 200 yards from the water to the first bluffs. Since I was there within a week of the actual landing date the tide was fairly similar to when the Allies landed. This view is from the water looking towards the Cemetery, which is on the plateau with the line of trees.

2 – It was a beautiful beach. If the beach didn’t have such a tragic history it would have made a lovely destination.

Bunkers: There are several bunkers scattered throughout all the Beaches of Normandy. Here a shot of my friend Ronda walking down into one at Omaha.

Cemetery: WARNING - This was a very emotional place and I tried to convey that with this blog. While perhaps a bit melodramatic this blog is also sincere. Usually I am scarcastic and pithy; for the remainder of this blog I am not. Please try to read this seriously.

The entire place was peaceful, poignant and sad, but a beautiful sad. It was the kind of place that even though there were other people around you felt…solitary. Alone but not really lonely, if that makes sense.

Wandering through the headstones you felt humbled, grateful and almost ashamed to be there, like there was nothing in your whole life that qualified you to be among those fallen soldiers. It was like you never knew sacrifice or bravery or selflessness before you walked beside those alabaster Crosses and Stars.

As I left the Cemetery, of all the emotions that had touched me the one that stayed with me was hope – I hoped that if the time ever came I would be as courageous and giving as those who slept beneath the soil of Normandy. All in all, it was an excellent place to experience.

Wow – that was a little heavy. Next blog will be lighter, I swear.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


NOTE: If you have yet to read BLOG ASSAULT this post will make absolutely no sense. Not that my posts every really do, but this will make even less sense than normal. Not that my posts are ever really normal, but still, I suggest you read BLOG ASSAULT first and then read this one.

First allow me to say to Michelle: Hijacking is a serious offense, more so when you’ve not simply hijacked a plane or something but had the audacity to hijack someone’s blog! In fact, I’m pretty sure the Constitution defines “blog-jacking” as a “high crime." All’s I’m sayin’ is Michelle, you better watch your back: I’m sure the Federales are just moments away. And after they’re through with you I get my turn…
That being said, let me address the scandalous, inflammatory and sometimes misinterpreted pictures that have illegally found their way onto my blog:
1 – I wasn’t goofy, I was HUNGRY. That was one of my Grandma’s amazing gingerbread boys. I couldn’t be delayed a few seconds by unwrapping it or bothered to remember exactly what the doctor warned about adding to my already seriously unhealthy levels of plastic wrap consumption. People, there was gingery goodness to be had…Don’t you judge me.
2 – I guess not all the pictures were mislabeled.
3 – Word to the wise: Golden Buddas are violent. Do you see how that Budda is totally tying to back-hand me? I guess when you reach Nirvana you no longer have to worry about your actions effecting your next level of reincarnation. But I think you still have to worry about smelling like Teen Spirit (oh, I WENT there).
4&5 – Look how cute Nanos and Bear are! Man, what happen? Just kidding. They’re still cute; now they just looked a little…stretched is all.
6&7 – Another word to the wise: Italy is bright. Bring a pair of sunglasses or run the risk of being mocked by your sister if she ever hacks into your blog. But if she does, don’t worry: you’ll have the last laugh when you turn her in to the Feds for blog-jacking and testify for the prosecution. Mmmwwwwha-ha-ha.
8 – Oh, just look at adorable Jujy-pie! And at my buzzed head! YIKES!
9 – Sheesh! I was being pensive, not goofy! This may come as a shock to some of you but I experience more emotions than just “goofy.” Wait – goofy is an emotion, right?

Sooooo, now the time has come for my revenge, Michelle. Are you ready? I've got a little picture of my own I think the people would enjoy seeing...

Ha, ha, ha, Michelle. Now YOU know how is feels to have people post embarrassing pictures of you...oh, wait. You look really good in this picture. CRAP! Alright, Michelle, you win this round but the war's not over yet! Michelle's blog -
On a completely unrelated topic, too bad I don't have a vendetta against Max 'cause THIS pic would definitely begin to settle the score. Remember what I said about looking "streched?"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hello Blog Readers, this is NOT Rick, this is his sister, Michelle. I've broken into Ricky's blog to mess with it. Mwah-ha-ha! Rick claims he has no pictures of himself, but guess what? I have pictures.
Here they are:
1-Rick is goofy. That's why people always want to invite Rick to parties- he's funny and he has no shame.
2- He's handsome. He thinks he not- he's wrong.
3- He's a world traveler. This is Rick with a golden budda in China.
4&5-He's a good uncle. Look at my little guys playing with Uncle Wicky.
6-Rick in Italy. Isn't he cute when he's all squinty?
7-Squinty in Italy again.
8-Rick is so tender and warm children can't resist him. This him with our niece.
9-Again, goofy, no shame.
(Click on the photos to enlarge them and get a better look.)
Now you've seen pictures of Rick.